The PBHS Strategic Plan:


PBHS plans to continue to grow its services by providing needed services in the community wherever possible. Community relations efforts will focus on conducting community education and participating in community based activities such as supporting the local Back to School program and annual NAMI walk.

Through more efficient utilization of office space, PBHS will provide extended hours for intakes and other clinical services. Accommodating new intakes will be given a high priority in order to provide timely access. We will continue to make the environment of the office more pleasant and user friendly. 

A healthy and friendly workplace is essential to providing effective mental health services. PBHS offers competitive wages and benefits, and create growth opportunities for staff. Educational offerings, opportunities to work as a team, and building positive communication strategies will be ongoing. 

PBHS staff are able to provide comprehensive mental health and addiction treatment services by utilizing the depth and breadth of experience of the clinicians who work together in multidisciplinary teams and communicate directly with stakeholders in the community regarding our services. Through incorporating feedback from stakeholders we will strive to improve the quality of services provided. 

Over the next three years, PBHS will continue to expand existing services and develop new programs as indicated to address the needs of the community. We will expand the depth and breadth of our services to respond to the clinical needs and market demands. Performance measure will be in place to assess the effectiveness of our services and their financial contributions. 

Strategic Plan

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