Adult MBSR

The programs at PBHS offer group therapy in a safe, supportive, and validating environment. Our Adult MBSR Workshop teaches mindfulness and principals of Dialectal Behavior Therapy that emphasizes management of chronic pain and illness, life stress, and anxiety and depression symptoms (which can both contribute to, and be caused by, chronic pain and illness) 

Through the course of this five-session workshop, you will learn:     

•    Core mindfulness strategies
•    Formal and informal mindfulness practice
•    Stress Management
•    Managing worry
•    Acceptance Strategies
•    Change Strategies
•    Self-Compassion
MBSR has been proven to effectively decrease chronic pain and the need for copious amounts of medication. It has also been shown to treat anxiety and depressive symptoms, which are often a symptom of, as well as a contributing factor to, chronic pain.

Adult MBSR